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Compensation model for OKSI investors

After the launch of the crypto-currency exchange – BitStels (approximately summer 2019) – all major popular crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash, Waves, and others) will be added. OKSI will also be added. In due time, OKSI all that will be on personal account holders OKSI our crypto-currency exchange will be temporarily frozen and counted. There Read more »

OKSI Road Map

Going through the OKSI Road Map, Once the ICO is completed, OKSI Coins will be added on main crypto-currency exchanges to allow our dear users enjoy the benefit of exchanging OKSI Coins easily anywhere and anytime before the launch of our main project – crypto-currency exchanges. OKSI Road Map is the great strategic plan that Read more »

OKSI White Paper

The purpose of OKSI White Paper is to present the OKSI Coins Initial offering to the potential OKSI Purchasers and OKSI Fans in order to learn more about OKSI Technology and its applications in connection with the proposed launching of the OKSI Services, Products and Solutions for the community supporting individuals, small businesses and big Read more »

OKSI New Partners

  OKSI is delighted to provide advanced services to the crypto community locally and globally and is ready to expand with more partners; that’s why we are welcoming new partnerships any where any time especially that provides more services and facilities to OKSI Family members. If you are a business minder, business owner, company, website Read more »