OKSI is Cryptocurrency You Can Spend Anywhere and Anytime

Secure, Private and Anonymous through p2p network and advanced hashing algorithms

Fast, Instant and Low Fees Transactions allows you to easily buy and sell   online and offline

Decentralized through WAVES Blockchain Technology one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world



OKSI CoiN – ICO – ROUND 1 !! 

JUST to 31 JULY 2018


ROUND 1 SALE  – 1 OKSI = $0.03  + 40% BONUS   






What is OksiCoiN ?


OKSI Coin is a cryptocurrency designed for life usage. OKSI improves upon the WAVES Blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing the public with a fast, instant, secure and efficient way for making direct transactions with respect to users privacy.

OKSI Coins are designed to become Crypto-Assets that combine the Blockchain Cryptocurrency with the real World Assets through Crowd-Projects. Beside the undergoing projects in launching products and services for OKSI Users such as OKSI Visa Card, Letter of Credit, i-advertising and Crypto E-shop.

Main Points about OKSI Coin

OKSI’s goal is to provide a complete integrated products and services with crowd-projects that encompass the best ideas for the entire community.
Smart Portable Wallets

Available from day 1 with private integration.

Anonymity and Privacy Enhancement

Keeping your information safe with real time monitoring.

Technical and Financial Audit

Makes OKSI sustainable today and in the future.

Global Expanding with right Legalities

Secures our financial services and proves credibility.

OKSI Services

OKSI offers some of the advanced products and services based on the BlockChain Technology such as Wallets, Exchanges, Crypto E-Shop and OKSI Advertising.

Smart Wallet

Send and receive OKSI Coins through OKSI WAVES Wallets on Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and Laptops

Global Exchanges

Exchange OKSI Coins into any currency like $, €, £ and into any crypto like BTC, ETH, XRP etc.

Crypto E-shop

Use OKSI Coins to purchase wide brands of products and services available on the OKSI Smart E-Shop.


The OKSI Initial Coin Offering (ICO) issuance would fund highly profitable trading and marketing as well as improve OKSI innovative projects with modern methods of doing Local and Global businesses in order to allow esteemed OKSI users to utilize their OKSI Coins freely anywhere and anytime thereby securing their comfortability.
Allocation of OKSI Coins

The number of OKSI Coins is limited to 2.6 Billion (2,600,000,000) and that is you do not need to procrastinate so as not to miss this great opportunity. Only 2.1 Billion Coins will be available for the ICO Crowdsale.

Remaining of OKSI Coins

Remaining (0.5 Billion OKSI) coins will be properly distributed among Rewards, Valuable Products Manufacturing, Future Beneficial Projects, and partnerships, used for support, develop, introduce new technologies and pay for programmer services, some in public safe stakeholding and some on Global Exchanges to be exchanged on the long term.

ICO Token Bonuses

ICO Pre-Sale: 1 OKSi Coin = $0.02 {Each $20 = 1,000 OKSI Coins + 50% Bonus = 1,500 OKSI Coins}
Round1-ICO: 1 OKSI Coin = $0.03 {Each $30 = 1,000 OKSI Coins + 40% Bonus = 1,400 OKSI Coins}
Round2-ICO: 1 OKSI Coin = $0.04 {Each $40 = 1,000 OKSI Coins + 30% Bonus = 1,300 OKSI Coins}
Round3-ICO: 1 OKSI Coin = $0.05 {Each $50 = 1,000 OKSI Coins + 20% Bonus = 1,200 OKSI Coins}
Payment Methods

OKSI Coins can be purchased conveniently using WAVES, Ethereum ETH, BitCoin BTC, LiteCoin LTC, and other payment methods.

Receiving Your Coins

Write your WAVES Wallet Address in your order-checkout page to receive your OKSI Coins.


 From May 1 - 31
  • Only 300M (+150M BONUS)
  • 1 OKSI equals
  • Special Bonus
  • Limited offer

ICO First Round

From June 1st
  • Only 400M (+160M BONUS)
  • 1 OKSI equals
  • Special Bonus
  • Limited offer

ICO Second Round

After First Round
  • Only 400M (+120M BONUS)
  • 1 OKSI equals
  • Special Bonus
  • Limited offer

ICO Third Round

After Second Round
  • Only 400M (+80M BONUS)
  • 1 OKSI equals
  • Special Bonus
  • Limited offer


OKSI CoiN Road Map


Going through the OKSI Road Map, Once the ICO is completed, OKSI Coins will be added on main crypto-currency exchanges to allow our dear users enjoy the benefit of exchanging OKSI Coins easily anywhere and anytime before the launch of our main project – crypto-currency exchanges.

OKSI Road Map is the great strategic plan that defines OKSI worthwhile Goals with the desired profitable outcomes for OKSI Users and includes the major steps with exact timelines to achieve them. It also serves as a high-level communication tool that helps our dear Users articulate the strategic vision of OKSI future.


OKSI CoiN White Paper


The purpose of OKSI White Paper is to present the OKSI Coins Initial offering to the potential OKSI Purchasers and OKSI Fans in order to learn more about OKSI Technology and its applications in connection with the proposed launching of the OKSI Services, Products and Solutions for the community supporting individuals, small businesses and big businesses.

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